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Remember. . .

  • You must update your Marketplace application every Open Enrollment.  Visit


  • Enter our NPN 2486845 when completing your application 


  • Ensure your provider is in-network.  Click here for links to the carriers' provider directories.


  • Ensure your prescriptions are covered.  Click here to see the carriers' drug formularies and how your prescriptions are covered.


Your Marketplace Application


Add our National Producer Number (NPN) to ensure we can assist you in enrolling

If you do not enter our NPN in your application we cannot assist you with enrollment, premium payments, claims or benefits inquiries.  Due to HIPPA regulations, carriers and the Marketplace will not be able to speak with us on your behalf. See screenshots below for assistance.

Don't want to wait on hold with the Marketplace or your carrier for 30+ minutes?

Put our National Producer Number in your application and let us do the waiting for you!


Forgot to enter our NPN on your application?

It's not too late! 

Click here to resolve the issue.





Login to your account or you can create a account 


Begin the Subsidy Application 
























Enter our NPN: 2486845 (National Producer Number) 























Complete your application


Once complete: view your Eligibilty Results and Continue to Enrollment

Helpful Hints

To avoid system error issues on, do the following (we have learned this the hard way!)


  • Do not use hyphens or apostrophes

  • Do not answer any of the optional questions – exception: the disabled questions if you are disabled

If you need help applying for a subsidy on, WE'RE HERE TO HELP!


We charge a fee to apply on with you to make sure everything is completed correctly and you get the subsidy you deserve.  Please call us if you need our help.


If you apply on your own, please advise us once you have completed your application.  During the application process you will be asked "is anyone helping you?".  Please answer "yes" and enter "Deborah Reed" and our NPN number 2486845.  We will then be your agent of record and can help you with any future claims, enrollment, or billing issues.

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