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LifeStyle Medical with TelaDoc

Telemedicine has become very popular in the health insurance industry. Employers have found that providing employees with telemedicine has reduced absenteeism and increased productivity. Individuals who subscribe to telemedicine do not have to use their limited office visit copays on their individual insurance policies for minor illnesses. Being able to pick up the phone to consult with a physician instead of making a trip to the doctor's office saves time and money. And the real beauty of telemedicine is it's low cost!

Reed Insurance Group now offers telemedicine packages through New Benefits LifeStyle Medical. Packages include TelaDoc (the oldest and most widely used telemedicine service) along with the following benefits (depending on the package):

* significant dental, vision, and pharmacy discounts

* health advocate services

* 24/7 nurseline

* pet care discounts

* savings on diabetic supplies

* global travel assistance

Employers pay only $10.00 or $11.00 per month per employee for group telemedicine (two packages available). Individuals pay $24.99 per month for the individual package with extended benefits.

Call Reed Insurance Group today to find out more about LifeStyle Medical with TelaDoc. 770-751-8720.

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