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Global medical insurance (long-term) - Cigna


A comprehensive, tailored plan with Cigna Global is simple.

The following pie charts show types of people who typically need a Global Health Plan.  Global insurance is ideal for individuals on international assignment for six months or longer.  Cigna Global offers health insurance in approximately 200 countries.  Coverage is also availaible while in the US or Canada with access to almost 1,000,000 providers in North America. 














Cigna Global Health Options helps you create a health insurance plan that's perfectly tailored to the needs of you and your family.


The advantages of a Cigna plan:  Cigna Global offers no age limits whereas most other global insurance carriers limit coverage to age 65, they accept payment in three different forms of currency, and they have a huge international network of providers.


Cigna offers comprehensive Core coverage (hospitalization) and the flexibility of adding extra benefits as you need (medical for doctors visits, etc.).  See how the plans work below:



1.  Select Your Core Plan (International Medical Insurance)
Start with one of the core inpatient plans, International Medical Insurance, which covers you for essential hospital stays and treatments, surgeon & consultation fees, hospital accommodation, cancer treatment and much more.  Gold and Platinum plans also give you coverage for inpatient and daypatient maternity care.

2.  Add Your Optional Modules (International Outpatient, etc.)

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