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Group vision insurance


Many employers choose to offer VISION insurance to their employees. You can choose to offer the coverage two ways:



Employees decide if they would like to enroll in the coverage and pay the cost themselves.  Benefits may be paid by payroll deduction and can save the employee money by being paid pre-tax.





The employer chooses to contribute to the employees' election.  The Employer can pay all or only a portion of the premium.

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Some Carriers Offer All LInes of Coverage 
You can bundle Dental and/or Vision with Medical coverage, and save time and money

Many employers add Vision insurance to the medical benefits they offer their employees.  Group plans tend to be more comprehensive than individual vision policies.


Vision insurance assists in offsetting the costs associated with routine checkups and helps pay for glasses, contacts, and other vision correction materials.  It encourages employees to take care of their eye health.


Did you know the typical cost of an eye exam without coverage is $152?  The average cost of an eye exam with coverage is $15.


The following video explains the importance of protecting your eyes from "Blue Light" exposure, which most employees experience on the job everyday.































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