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Agent of record for employers

What does "agent of record" mean?


You can easily make us your agent of record.  This means you're our client, and we're your broker.  As our client, we can make calls directly on your behalf or on behalf of your employees to the insurance carrier in order to resolve claims, billing, and enrollment issues and get answers to any questions you may have.  You never have to pick up the phone or stay on hold.  As your agent, you can count on us for answers to all of your health insurance and benefit-related questions, we can help you eroll in the best plan to meet the needs of you and your employees, and keep you up-to-date on the latest in healthcare reform.  We save you time and money.


To make us your agent of record, use this letter as a sample, and complete with the appropriate information.  Then send your letter to us.  We will submit it to the carrier on your behalf.


It's that easy. ... OR CALL US, AND WE WILL BE HAPPY TO ASSIST (770-751-8720).

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