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Humana's GO365 Wellness Program






In today's health insurance market, Humana remains the most competitive in pricing, plan benefits, and discounts and incentives.  Humana is offering employers and their employees real savings on their current and renewal premiums for participation in their wellness program, GO365, while promoting a healthier lifestyle.




Humana's GO365 wellness program has become highly utilized by many groups who are taking advantage of the opportunity to make their employees healthier and save on their medical insurance premiums.


GO365 is a rewards program for the Employees and the Employer.


Employees earn points for participation in the program which can be used to shop in the GO365 mall for rewards such as Apparel, Fitness equipment, Hotel discounts, etc. as well as the reduction in their health insurance premiums.

Employers earn premium discounts for their employees' participation in the program.  For each employee that reaches Silver status there is a 7% discount on their health insurance premium.  For each employee that reaches Gold status, there is a 15% discount.  Our goal for 2018 is to get all employees that are on a Humana plan enrolled and engaged in GO365.

Watch this short video and see just how easy it is to earn points with GO365:



Following are the steps employees need to take to get engaged in GO365:


1)    Go to and REGISTER to get a Username and Password.  The employee will then see a Humana Medical Page that shows their plan information.


2)    Select the “GO365” tab at the top of the homepage. This takes the employee to


3)  At the top of the page, click on "Health Assessment".  This assessment takes 15-20 minutes and by taking the assessment, the employee immediately earns GO365 points.


3)    Additional points are earned for a biometric screening.  Get a biometric screening done at a Walgreens clinic, Kroger Little Clinic, Kroger Pharmacy, or with your Primary Care Physician.  Ask for a printout of the results.  Even more points are earned if the biometric screening has positive results.


  • The biometric screening is free of charge (covered under preventive at 100%).  The employee needs to take a voucher with them (from the GO365 website) in order to get this done (making sure they print the voucher for the location they are going to, otherwise they will be turned away).


  • Employees need to fast 8-12 hours prior to the screening, so it's best if they make an appointment in advance and go early in the morning.


  • The clinic or physician's office should submit the results of the sceening directly to GO365, however, we recommend the employee ask for a printout of the results and submit them directly to Humana.  This will ensure the results are received by Humana and get in the Humana system in a timely manner.  On the GO365 website, go to the secure message center.  You can scan and email your screening results as an attachment.  You may also fax them to 1-877-250-7814.  


4)  After completing the Health Assessment and Biometric Screening, log into the GO365 website and find the ACTIVITIES section.  Here employees will find other ways to participate and earn points.  They can also access Recommended Activities, which are personalized based on the employee's Health Assessment and biometric results.  Points can be earned for workouts, flu shots, dental exams, etc.


5)  All of the points earned can be used in the online Mall.


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